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PAIXAO: A Kingdom Hearts RPG.
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Like a dream...

One moment you were in your own world, and then you're simply not. A great domed structure looms before you, fields and sea at your back. With little choice you approach the gate and join the line. The gatekeeper takes your name, hands you a strange device and you're ushered inside with no answers, only a welcome.

"Welcome to PAIXAO."

A fairytale-like city awaits you beneath the domes. Its citizens, dressed like Victorian dolls, go about their daily lives like background actors in a play. The city itself practically glitters with every type of material imaginable, yet somehow lacks living flora and fauna.

But when the magic of the city wears off, when the beauty grows stale, you finally realize: you're trapped.

Little do you realize at that moment just how much more complicated the situation you're in really is.

Paixao is a Kingdom Hearts and multi-fandom LiveJournal based RPG that's in it's 4th year of existence. The game is, in a sense, a re-write of Chain of Memories, taking place in Castle Oblivion.

Knowledge of Kingdom Hearts is not necessary unless you are, of course, playing a character from that series. We allow for almost any character from any anime, tv series, book, movie etc. as long as there is some sort of canon present for the character.

Paixao is primarily a plot-driven game focusing on third-person interaction. However, character journals are also heavily used, and we even have an option for characters to have an IC AIM name to be used in Paixao's own instant messaging system!

If you are a first-timer to Paixao and are considering applying, please do read through the information in the links below.


{introduction} {the city of paixao} {lumens} {the organization}
{electronic journals} {playing the game} {rules} {faq} {paixaowiki}
{taken characters} {requested characters} {reservations} {application}


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