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31 October 2008 @ 12:29 am
Something Wicked This Way Comes [Complete]  
Character(s): NiGHTS and Reala
Content: NiGHTS tries to figure out what's going on. Reala, on "Wizeman's" orders, goes to kidnap him.
Setting: Outside of Paixao
Time: Evening.
Warnings: Violence in the form of an epic fight of sparkly doom. >8D

He needed to get out. Jackle may have disappeared (but that was the Maren's way; he was always disappearing and seeking out new ways to interpret his insanity into the visions they truly were), but Wizeman was here. NiGHTS has doubted it at first, but Wizeman had indeed been in the city, giving NiGHTS his usual look of arrogant disapproval.

"Have you yet to learn obedience?" The words echoed in the nightmaren's head and he clenched his gloved fists in anger, shutting his eyes to keep the memories out. Obedience wasn't NiGHTS' way, especially with one as imposing as Wizeman, but the fact that he was here, now, surely meant something terrible - after all, the last encounter NiGHTS had with Wizeman had ended with serious injuries on both sides.

NiGHTS lifted effortlessly into the air and zoomed past the guards, completely ignoring their cries to come back, and the spirit began to dance in mid-air, whirling past the doubts and worries that were now forming in the usually carefree creature's mind.
Reala: DRAMATIC EVIL LIGHTINGstillofnight on October 31st, 2008 10:15 am (UTC)
Reala soared through the city like a shooting star, trailing a thick, dazzling comet's tail of golden sparkles behind him. His body was sound again, his eyes ablaze with fresh purpose, and he was (and always had been) quite efficient in seeking out his brother. The Maren peered out through the gate, feeling the tug in his mind that told him he was close, spotting the figure dancing in the sky, some distance from the domes..... Reala found himself sneering at the guards as they called out to him, tried to persuade him to stay inside. He simply flew on, aiming a kick at the face of the loudest as he passed; the Paixaoan's head snapped back with an exclamation of pain, and he stumbled, holding his nose.

Nothing more to do, now.... Just get NiGHTS captured and back to Lord Wizeman, and then their plans could move forward as anticipated.... He would get this over with quickly. Reala tensed for a moment once he had gained a proper altitude, then picked up speed, a red and white blur as he streaked towards NiGHTS. He'd take his brother by surprise, stun him a bit, take the edge off of him for the upcoming fight....
NiGHTS: {apprehensiveness}eternitydreamer on October 31st, 2008 10:21 am (UTC)
NiGHTS had had his eyes closed as he executed some of the more difficult looking moves, though they came easily to him. It had been so boring being stuck inside the city, and neither Jackle nor Reala had provided much in the way of entertainment. The maren's eyes snapped open, however, at the tug within his mind that let him know his twin was near, and he stopped in mid-loop, looking over at his brother.

"Reala, what are you-" NiGHTS never got a chance to finish his sentence, however, as Reala rammed into him and he crashed into the ground. The maren cried out in surprise and pain, vision blurring even as he tried to get back up. "What are you doing?"
Reala: All the better to eat you withstillofnight on October 31st, 2008 10:34 am (UTC)
The impact was solid and satisfying both as their bodies collided and as he slammed NiGHTS into the ground, the jolt of the landing coursing through him. Reala had landed nicely, unlike his twin, with one knee planted solidly in his stomach, while the other rested on the ground by his side; one clawed hand firmly pinned down an arm, while the other had fisted into NiGHTS' collar. He smirked, grinding his knee into the other Maren's gut. "Why, NiGHTS. Didn't think I'd stay down forever, did you? I hope you've enjoyed your freedom while you could."
NiGHTS: {crushing defeat}eternitydreamer on October 31st, 2008 10:37 am (UTC)
NiGHTS gave a choked, pained sound as Reala's knee struck his stomach and he struggled to shove the other off him with his free hand, glaring defiantly up at his brother even as he grinned. "Is this your way of showing thanks for earlier?" Despite the situation, however, NiGHTS was glad Reala had recovered. Not so glad, of course, that he'd just submit to him, but it was still there.

The jester winced at Reala's sadistic actions, gasping for breath. "What are you talking about?" It had to be that Reala had met up with Wizeman; Reala had seemed strangely lost without their creator earlier, and now his eyes were glimmering with their usual malicious purpose.
Reala: All the better to eat you withstillofnight on October 31st, 2008 11:27 pm (UTC)
Reala only smirked, well-pleased at the edge he'd gotten; he did so love it when he came out on top.... It only proved the fact he was the superior twin of the pair of them. The effort to push him off earned only a sneer; NiGHTS wasn't even close to physically strong enough to manage pushing him around when he didn't want to be moved, especially when he was pinned like this. "Oh, of course. What better gift could I give you than a personal escort?" He only laughed at how NiGHTS winced, a rolling chuckle that suggested he was in a far better mood than he had been before. "You're coming with me." And that, more than anything, would confirm NiGHTS' suspicions. Without Wizeman here, where would they go?
NiGHTS: {just another shining star}eternitydreamer on October 31st, 2008 11:33 pm (UTC)
NiGHTS growled at Reala, fangs showing subtly as he bared his teeth. So like Reala, to act perfectly friendly one moment only to slip behind you and slit your throat. Or attempt to, anyway; NiGHTS had no intention of going down.

"Oh?" the maren chuckled. "This easily? I don't think so." He tilted his head back so he could better look Reala in the eyes, proud and defiant. "Then how about a little match? You and me, one on one." Reala could never resist a challenge - for that matter, neither could NiGHTS.
Reala: With this hand I shall smite theestillofnight on November 1st, 2008 12:19 am (UTC)
Reala laughed at the arrogance, the defiance, the preposterousness of that statement. As if NiGHTS could really weasel his way out of coming? As if he could fail his master now, when they were so close? Inconceivable! He'd sooner die. But a challenge....

Well, he would prove once again that NiGHTS was no match for him. He would make sure that NiGHTS was simply too beaten to get away once they were finished. "As you wish." Driving in his knee once more for good measure, Reala rose into the air several feet, leveling off before assuming a ready stance. This would hardly be a challenge at all!
NiGHTS: {ride along the wind}eternitydreamer on November 1st, 2008 12:28 am (UTC)
"Ungh!" NiGHTS grunted, glaring at Reala; leave it to his sibling to pull a dirty trick like that. "Too afraid of me to play fair?" he taunted, rising into the air in order to face Reala. The two of them were reflections of one another, holding perfectly still in midair, at least until NiGHTS gave a giggle and raised an arm playfully.

"Ready?" A grin. "Set... Go!" With that, the nightmaren headed straight for his twin, pouring on the speed in an attempt to use it to his advantage. It may not be a game, but NiGHTS still intended on having fun.
Reala: DRAMATIC EVIL LIGHTINGstillofnight on November 1st, 2008 12:44 am (UTC)
"It isn't my fault if you choose not to play with all of your pieces." Reala only smirked as he watched NiGHTS ready himself as well. The signal was all he needed to prompt him to take off; Reala pivoted to the side, twirling as he took off, streamers of gold sparkles thrown from him as he arced away and to the side. In a straight, clean rush, NiGHTS would catch him too quickly. There was no doubt about that; evasive tactics were necessary to keep this match interesting. He had to keep going, keep NiGHTS guessing.... Then, then he could strike.
NiGHTS: {it's a bright new day}eternitydreamer on November 1st, 2008 12:51 am (UTC)
"It's not a matter of that, Reala," NiGHTS called as he whirled to the right, following after his brother. "You've always played dirty." Which, in NiGHTS opinion, wasn't fun at all - at least most of the time. Still, the maren knew that was Reala's way of doing things - and this bone of contention was one of the many reasons they were now rivals.

NiGHTS caught sight of an opportunity and turned, spinning straight towards Reala and diverting his focus in order to switch the use of his Paraloop from a defensive tactic to offensive. He flew around in a quick circle, hoping to catch his twin in the cloud of white-blue stars.
Reala: Anger in abstractstillofnight on November 1st, 2008 05:19 am (UTC)
It might not have been fun, but it certainly did tend to be effective; Reala had never been a fan of bumbling mistakes made by people who did things just for the fun of it. That was why things were best left to people intelligent, focused, and driven enough to carry them out properly. And while NiGHTS may have been smart enough, he certainly didn't have the focus or drive, the loyalty and ambition to do Master Wizeman's bidding. Not at the moment anyway, though he suspected that would chance once he was gotten hold of.

Either way, Reala started to rise to get more altitude again, only to see that NiGHTS coming at him again, faster than he had anticipated. He tried to wheel out of the way with a sharp turn, though it was not quite fast enough; he found himself caught in a whirling spiral of twinkling white-blue light as NiGHTS completed his circuit. The pain was swift and terrible, cutting through him like a sword plunged into his gut and slashing through him before he could free himself; anyone unfamiliar with the attack might have been surprised no spray of blood had accompanied it.

Regardless, he was jarred a bit before he could regain control of his own flight, and snarled in rage, pouring on the speed as well in spite of the pain. He corkscrewed into the air, higher and faster than before to give himself a little breathing room before he shot out, away from the domes. Leading NiGHTS on a merry little chase seemed to be the smartest thing to do right now, string him along a bit so he could control when and where they got closer, then double back for a strike before he could get away....
NiGHTS: {dance for joy}eternitydreamer on November 1st, 2008 05:36 am (UTC)
NiGHTS had always preferred his freedom; even while he was loyal to Wizeman, he had never wholly been. Reala had never seemed to notice how distant NiGHTS was near the end of it, when he started spending more and more time in Nightopia and less and less time ripping Visitor's heads off. Then NiGHTS had actually gotten to know a couple of Visitors, and met Owl, and decided that evil was a lot more boring than doing his own thing.

NiGHTS laughed, stretching out his arms with the sheer joy of flight even as he felt the attack connect. "Careful, Reala," he half-sang, throwing a carefree smile in his rival's direction, "you don't want to get caught, do you?" He followed Reala, spinning and twirling in the air, pulling several acrobatic tricks in a row as he did.
Reala: Why so serious?stillofnight on November 1st, 2008 07:11 am (UTC)
Reala smirked at NiGHTS' warning, coasting downwards again in a series of aerial flips and somersaults to better keep an eye on his pursuer. "Just who is catching who, I wonder?" They also performed the handy feature of killing a little time while retaining his speed; one last, forceful flip brought him into an abrupt about-face as NiGHTS drew nearer, and Reala shot back up with a fresh burst of speed, aiming to glide straight under and up behind him for a quick paraloop. Golden sparkles trailed thickly behind him, blazing like fire against the setting sun.
NiGHTS: {ride along the wind}eternitydreamer on November 1st, 2008 07:19 am (UTC)
NiGHTS was caught off-guard at Reala's abrupt movements; even so, he only just got hit by the Paraloop. The Nightmaren grit his teeth, refusing to cry out in pain as he reeled back. "Not bad," he called, "but I think we both can do better than that." With that NiGHTS aimed another Paraloop in his sibling's direction, ignoring the blunt, throbbing pain that Reala's attack had caused.

"Catch me if you can!" The taunt was giggled, and NiGHTS stuck his tongue out at Reala, glittering dust trailing from his fingertips as he spun into a complicated acrobatic twirl.
Reala: Let's see you squirm.stillofnight on November 12th, 2008 06:31 am (UTC)
"Oh, I'm sure. But the question is, will you get a chance to?" Reala smirked, flipping end over end backwards through the air, muscular body arching impressively to avoid being caught in the whorl of sparkles NiGHTS' paraloop left. Chuckling, he did a quick loop himself, obscured for an instant behind his own veil of sparkles before he shot forward again. Trying to get in a second paraloop so quickly was a tricky business--when you were that close, it was easy to do, but also easy to get caught in one yourself....

He'd just have to be careful now, wouldn't he? After all, NiGHTS had just tried one, so he was about as open as Reala himself was.